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Monument on Gucevo hill.JPG
Monument on Crni vrh
Highest point
Elevation 779 m (2,556 ft) [1]
Coordinates 44°28′50″N 19°11′04″E / 44.48056°N 19.18444°E / 44.48056; 19.18444Coordinates: 44°28′50″N 19°11′04″E / 44.48056°N 19.18444°E / 44.48056; 19.18444
Gučevo is located in Serbia
Location in Serbia
Location Western Serbia

Gučevo (Serbian Cyrillic: Гучево, pronounced [ɡûːt͡ʃɛʋɔ]) is a mountain in western Serbia, near the town of Loznica, overlooking the Drina river and Banja Koviljača. Its highest peak Crni vrh has an elevation of 779 meters above sea level.

The mountain was a site of Battle of Gučevo between Serbian and Austro-Hungarian army in World War I. At the top of the mountain there is a monument to Serbian soldiers.[2]


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