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Gu Chujun (Chinese: 顾雏军) is a Chinese convicted criminal and former business executive and entrepreneur. He is a native of Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province.

He studied at Tianjin University and became the Chief Executive Officer of Gelin Ker Holding in Hongkong and the Kelon Group.[1]

He acquired Hisense Kelon, Meiling Electrical Appliance, Jinnuoer, Qihuawa, Xiling[disambiguation needed], Yanxing Bus and Xiang Bearing.[2] In 2001, Forbes magazine ranked him as China's 20th richest man.[3]

As an outcome of the Lang–Gu dispute, in January 2008, Gu was sentenced to 12 years in prison and a fine of 6.8 million yuan after a conviction for falsifying corporate reports.[4] An appeal against the conviction was rejected in April 2009.[5] Hisense Kelon also won damages of 30.15 million yuan in a civil case against Gu.[6]


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