Gu Gu Ganmo

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Gu Gu Ganmo
Twelve Gu Gu Ganmo books.
(Gu Gu Ganmo)
Written byFujihiko Hosono
Published byShogakukan
ImprintShōnen Sunday Comics
MagazineWeekly Shōnen Sunday
Original run19821985
Anime television series
Directed byYoshimichi Nitta
Written byKeisuke Fujikawa
Shigeru Yanagawa
Hitoshi Toda
Music byKan Ogasawara
StudioToei Animation
Original networkFuji TV
Original run March 18, 1984 March 17, 1985
Anime film
GU GU Ganmo
StudioToei Animation
ReleasedMarch 16th, 1985
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Gu Gu Ganmo (Gu-Guガンモ, Gu-Gu Ganmo) is a shōnen manga by Fujihiko Hosono. It was originally serialized in Weekly Shōnen Sunday from 1982 to 1985, and was collected into 12 bound volumes by Shogakukan and adapted into a 50 episode anime series from 1984 to 1985.


The series follows in the footsteps of manga such as Doraemon and Obake no Q-Taro in that the alien Ganmo (who resembles a chicken wearing sneakers) sets out to help his adopted human friend Hanpeita Tsukuda. The series follows the antics of the duo as they find themselves in the middle of much comedic mischief.

Once upon a time in the city of Tokyo, there was a nine-year-old third-grade boy who went by the name of Hanpeita Tsukuda. He studies in Oedo Elementary School with the American Linda Skylark, the boss Toshimitsu Saigo and the nerdy Kashio Fujita. They often pick on him for the last of something else. And therefore, it began one day when Hanpeita bought himself a pet bird before Ganmo arrived to Earth.

One morning Hanpeita's older sister Tsukune Tsukuda, who was out of spite, lets his pet bird go via accidental submission. On the way home from middle school, she found a really strange egg from another planet that landed on Earth and brought it home and gave that egg to Hanpeita. However, he isn’t pleased with the weird egg. Suddenly, it swells up, cracks its shell, and out comes a pink, strange chicken-like alien creature named Ganmo. It speaks like a human being, and comes to live with the Tsukudas. Not wanting to be a mere freeloader, Ganmo takes the initiative to run errands, clean the house, etc., yet he blunders at everything he does. Ganmo then tries to clear his reputation, but his efforts only end up causing more confusion.

The days with Ganmo keep on going on like this and that and it was not till the day when a charming young purple haired girl named Ayumi Ichigaya moves next door to the Tsukudas. She has a strange pet myna bird named Déjà Vu. It is foppish with a poisonous tongue and always teases Ganmo for being so odd-looking. Thus, the lives of Hanpeita and Ganmo becomes even more messed up all the effort for nothing.

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