Guadalajara International Film Festival

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Guadalajara International Film Festival
Logo Institucional.jpg
Outdoor cinema at the 2011 edition.
LocationGuadalajara, Mexico
No. of films306 (440 screenings)
45 countries (2011)
LanguageSpanish (Mainly)

The Guadalajara International Film Festival (Spanish: Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara) is a week-long film festival held each March in the Mexican city of Guadalajara since 1986. The festival is considered the most prestigious film festival in Latin America and among the most important Spanish language film festivals in the world.[1] The presence in Guadalajara of delegates from other important festivals from around the world has helped Mexican film to have a strong international presence in the last twenty years.[2] The Festival has also helped to revitalize the careers of some older more established Mexican and English speaking artists like Arturo Ripstein, Gabriel Figueroa, María Félix, Jaime Humberto Hermosillo, Silvia Pinal, Ignacio López Tarso, Ana Ofelia Murguía, Felipe Cazals, Jorge Fons, Katy Jurado, and Ismael Rodríguez as well as many others.[2] An international jury grants the "Mayahuel" award to the winners in a range of categories.


  • Guadalajara Film Market & Producers Network (Marché du Film, Festival de Cannes)
  • Iberoamerican Film Market
  • Short Up!!! (Shortfilms)
  • Digital Space (Digital Cinema Keynotes)
  • Iberoamerican Coproduction Meeting
  • Guadalajara Build (Postproduction Market)
  • Expotec (Technology Show)
  • Iberoamerican Film Crossing Borders (Foreign Market Training)
Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara con proyecciones al aire libre en una pantalla inflable.

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