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Río Guadalmellato - Puente Mocho (Alcolea).jpg
Puente Mocho bridge over the Guadalmellato near Alcolea, Córdoba.
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ locationGuadalmellato Reservoir, Córdoba Province
 ⁃ elevation196 m (643 ft)
 ⁃ location
Guadalquivir, near Alcolea
 ⁃ elevation
111 m (364 ft)
Length110.5 km (68.7 mi)
Basin size2,501.8 km2 (966.0 sq mi)

The Guadalmellato is a 110.5 km long river in Andalusia, Spain. It is a right hand tributary to the Guadalquivir. The Guadalmellato River has two dams.


The source of the Guadalmellato is at the Guadalmellato Reservoir where the waters of the Guadalbarbo, Cuzna and Varas meet; these are small rivers bringing waters from the Sierra Morena and subject to seasonal variations. The Guadalmellato flows roughly southwards for about 5 km into the San Rafael de Navallana Reservoir. Further downstream it meets the right bank of the Guadalquivir just east of Alcolea.[1]

Part of the waters of the Guadalmellato are diverted before it flows into the Guadalquivir by means of a canal that runs parallel to the river. After flowing through Alcolea and parts of Córdoba town the canal ends near Villarrubia, a suburb of Córdoba.[2]

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Coordinates: 37°56′N 4°38′W / 37.933°N 4.633°W / 37.933; -4.633