Guadalupe Marín

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Guadalupe Marín
María Guadalupe Marín Preciado

(1895-10-16)October 16, 1895
DiedSeptember 16, 1983(1983-09-16) (aged 87)
Nationality Mexico
Other namesLupe Marín
Children3, including Ruth
Image of the cover of her book
Cover of Marín's tell-all book La Única (1938)

Guadalupe "Lupe" Marín (October 16, 1895 – September 16, 1983), born María Guadalupe Marín Preciado, was a Mexican model and novelist.


She was born in Ciudad Guzmán, Jalisco, Mexico.[1] At eight years of age Marín moved with her family to Guadalajara.[citation needed] In 1922, she became the second wife of muralist Diego Rivera. Marín was the mother of Rivera's two youngest daughters, Ruth and Guadalupe Rivera-Marín.[2][3] Marín was married to Rivera for seven years, ending in 1928.[4]

She was married to the poet Jorge Cuesta on November 9, 1928 and later divorcing April 13, 1933.[5][6] She had one son from her second marriage, Lucio Antonio Cuesta-Marín was born in 1930.[6]

Marín was the subject of portrait paintings by Rivera, Frida Kahlo and Juan Soriano.[citation needed] She is featured in the Rivera mural Creation, where she modeled as Strength, Song, and Woman.[citation needed] She also modeled nude as Earth for Rivera's Chapingo chapel mural while several months pregnant.[citation needed] Marín also modeled for photographer Edward Weston.[citation needed]

In 1938, Marín's semi-autobiographical novel La Única (The Unique Woman) was published.[7] Her book La Única was banned in Mexico for many years due to it's erotic nature.[1] In 2003 the novel and Marín were cited by author Salvador A. Oropesa in his book The Contemporáneos Group as being a feminist component of a counterculture writers' movement in post-revolutionary Mexico. She also wrote Un día patrio (A Patriotic Day) in 1941, where she expressed political ideas.[1]

Legacy and death[edit]

She died in Mexico City on September 16, 1983 at the age of 87.

A 2016 novel in Spanish was written about Marín and Rivera's time together, 'Dos Veces única' by Elena Poniatowska.[5][8]

She was portrayed by Valeria Golino in the 2002 film Frida.[9]


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