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Guadeloupe Division of Honour

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Guadeloupe Division of Honour
Country Guadeloupe
Number of teams14
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toHonorary Promotion Championship
Domestic cup(s)Coupe de Guadeloupe
Coupe de France
International cup(s)CFU Club Championship
CONCACAF Champions League
Current championsMoulien
Most championshipsMoulien (18 titles)
Current: 2023–24 Guadeloupe Division of Honor

The Guadeloupe Division of Honour (French: Guadeloupe Division d'Honneur) is the top football league in Guadeloupe. It was created in 1952 and is headed by the Guadeloupean League of Football. 14 teams participate in this league. The last 3 placed teams are relegated to the Honorary Promotion Championship.

As Guadeloupe is both a member of CONCACAF and the French Football Federation, Guadeloupean teams are eligible to participate in three international competitions: the CFU Club Championship, CONCACAF Champions League, and the Coupe de France.

Clubs competing in the 2022–23 season[edit]


Poule A[edit]

Poule B[edit]

Relegated in 2021/22[edit]


Relegated in 2016/17[edit]

Relegated in 2015/16[edit]

Relegated in 2014/15[edit]

Relegated in 2013/14[edit]

Relegated in 2012/13[edit]

Relegated in 2011/12[edit]

Relegated in 2010/11[edit]

Previous winners[edit]

Appearances by club[edit]

Club City Titles Last title
CS Moulien Le Moule 18 2022–23
L'Etoile Morne-à-l'Eau 9 2006–07
Juventus SA Sainte-Anne 8 1986–87
Solidarité SC Baie-Mahault 6 2021–22
Racing Club Basse-Terre 5 2003–04
Cygne Noir Basse-Terre 4 1982–83
La Gauloise Basse-Terre 4 1977–78
Red Star Pointe-à-Pitre 3 1969-70
CS Capesterrien Capesterre-Belle-Eau 3 1963–64
AS Gosier Le Gosier 3 2020–21
USR Sainte-Rose 2 2016-17
JS Vieux-Habitants JS Vieux-Habitants 2 2009-10
Arsenal Petit-Bourg 2 1994–95
US Ansoise Anse-Bertrand 2 1986-87
AS Redoutable Pointe-à-Pitre 2 1942
Amical Club Grand-Bourg de Marie-Galante 1 2018-19
AJSS Saintes Terre-de-Haut 1 2011-12
Evolucas Petit-Bourg 1 2007-08
Phare du Canal Petit-Canal 1 2002–03
Zénith Morne-à-l'Eau 1 1988–89
JS Capesterre Capesterre-de-Marie-Galante 1 1983–84

Top goalscorers[edit]

Year Best scorers Team Goals
Guadeloupe Dominique Mocka Racing Club
Guadeloupe Dominique Mocka Racing Club
Guadeloupe Erick Mocka Vieux-Habitants
Guadeloupe Marc Arbau Saintes
Guadeloupe Raphaël Mirval Solidarité-Scolaire
Guadeloupe Grégory Gendrey Solidarité-Scolaire
Guadeloupe Grégory Gendrey Le Phare

Multiple hat-tricks[edit]

Rank Country Player Hat-tricks
1 Guadeloupe Likendy Labylle 1


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