Guallatiri, Chile

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1990-00-00 SCN 0750 2.jpg
Fumarole activity in the crater of Guallatiri
Elevation 6,071 m (19,918 ft)[1]
Listing List of volcanoes in Chile
Location Chile
Range Andes
Coordinates 18°25′00″S 69°05′30″W / 18.41667°S 69.09167°W / -18.41667; -69.09167Coordinates: 18°25′00″S 69°05′30″W / 18.41667°S 69.09167°W / -18.41667; -69.09167[1]
Type Stratovolcano
Last eruption December 1960[1]

Guallatiri or Guallatire is one of the most active volcanoes in northern Chile. It is just west of the border with Bolivia and at the southwestern end of the Nevados de Quimsachata. It is a symmetrical 6,071-metre-high (19,918 ft) (3.7723 miles) ice-clad stratovolcano. Wallatiri is capped by a central dacitic dome or lava complex, with the active vent at its southern side.[1]

The volcano featured in the "Bolivia Special" episode of the British TV show Top Gear. The hosts attempted to take a short cut over the volcano but were forced to turn back after their cars kept breaking down due to the lack of oxygen and they were suffering from altitude sickness. At one point, their oxygen saturation level fell below 85%, a level which would usually require a hospital check-up.

Guallatiri is the highest active volcano in South America.

Its name comes from the Aymara words huallu = "rocks" and tiri = "sewing", thus "sewn together like or by rocks".[2]

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