Guamá River

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Guamá River
Belém from SE 01.jpg
The city of Belém seen from the river
Guamá River is located in Brazil
Guamá River
Mouth location in Brazil
Country Brazil
Basin features
Main source Pará state
River mouth 1°29′01″S 48°29′01″W / 1.483715°S 48.483699°W / -1.483715; -48.483699Coordinates: 1°29′01″S 48°29′01″W / 1.483715°S 48.483699°W / -1.483715; -48.483699
Physical characteristics
Length 82 km (51 mi)

The Guamá River is a river of Pará state in north-central Brazil. It its mouth it forms the southern border of the state capital, Belém.

The Gurupí, Capim and the whitewater Guamá rivers flow into the mouth of the Amazon and are affected by the daily tides, which force water from the Amazon upstream. They are in the Tocantins-Araguaia-Maranhão moist forests ecoregion.[1]

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