Guamblin Island

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Guamblin Island
Native name: Isla Guamblin
Guamblin Island is located in Chile
Guamblin Island
Guamblin Island
Coordinates 44°51′S 75°05′W / 44.85°S 75.08°W / -44.85; -75.08Coordinates: 44°51′S 75°05′W / 44.85°S 75.08°W / -44.85; -75.08
Adjacent bodies of water Pacific ocean
Length 16 km (9.9 mi)N-S
Width 8 km (5 mi)W-E
Region Aisén
Additional information
NGA UFI=-883679

Guamblin Island, also known as Socorro Island, Nuestra Señora del Socorro or Huamblin, is a Chilean island. It is part of the Chonos Archipelago, although it is some 25 km distant from the other islands of the archipelago, far out in the Pacific Ocean.

The island is a National Park, and listed as an Important Bird Area. It is a breeding ground of the sooty shearwater.[1]

Oil spill[edit]

In June 1973, the Liberian oil tanker Napier ran aground on the island and sparked an oil spill releasing 30,000 tons of oil. After the rescue of the crew, Napier was fired upon and set ablaze by Chilean Hawker Hunters with the purpose of burning the oil to avoid further pollution.[2]

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