Guan Ning

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Guan Ning
Personal details
Linqu County, Shandong
Died241 (aged 83)[1]
RelationsGuan Zhong (ancestor)
ChildrenGuan Miao
OccupationScholar, writer
Courtesy nameYou'an (幼安)

Guan Ning (158–241),[1] courtesy name You'an, was a writer and scholar of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of China. He was from Zhuxu County (朱虛縣), Beihai Commandery (北海郡), which is near present-day Linqu County, Shandong.[2] His father died when he was 16.[3] He was friends with Hua Xin and Bing Yuan (邴原).[4]

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