Guandu Bridge

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Guandu Bridge
Guandu Bridge from Bali.jpg
A view of the Guandu Bridge from the Bali side
Coordinates 25°07′32″N 121°27′26″E / 25.1256°N 121.4572°E / 25.1256; 121.4572Coordinates: 25°07′32″N 121°27′26″E / 25.1256°N 121.4572°E / 25.1256; 121.4572
CarriesTW PHW15.svgProvincial Highway 15
CrossesTamsui River
LocaleNew Taipei City, Taiwan
DesignArch bridge
Total length809 metres (2,654 ft) [1]
Width19 metres (62 ft) [1]
Height87.8 metres (288 ft) [1]
No. of spans5
Piers in water4
Construction startApril 1980
Construction endOctober 1983
Opened31 October 1983

Coordinates: 25°07′32″N 121°27′26″E / 25.12556°N 121.45722°E / 25.12556; 121.45722

The Guandu Bridge (Chinese: 關渡大橋; pinyin: Guāndù Dàqiáo; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Koan To Toa Kio) is a bridge in New Taipei, Taiwan. It spans over the Tamsui River and links Bali District and Tamsui District. The bridge is a 165 meters long through arch bridge designed by Tung-Yen Lin under T.Y. Lin International. It now carries the Provincial Highway 15.[2][3]


Bridge construction started in April 1980 and was completed on 31 October 1983.


The bridge is accessible within walking distance west of Guandu Station of Taipei Metro.

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