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Guangchang County lies in the municipal region of Fuzhou (抚州), Jiangxi. It is the southernmost and most remote of Fuzhou's ten counties, being bordered by counties in Ganzhou to the south and west and, to the east and over the watershed and provincial border, by Jianning and Ninghua Counties, Sanming, FJ. It is the birthplace of he second largest river in Jiangxi: Fuhe. This county built in the Southern Song Dynasty Shaoxing eight years (1138), because the rich white lotus, known as "the hometown of Chinese White Lotus." County has width of 45 km from west to east, 55 km long from north to south. The total area is 1612 square kilometers, with a population of 240,000 in 2003.[1]


Towns (镇, zhen)[edit]

  • Xujiang (盱江)
  • Ganzhu (甘竹, "Sweet Bamboo")
  • Kuzhu (苦竹, "Bitter Bamboo")
  • Toupi (头陂)
  • Chishui (赤水)
  • Yiqian (驿前)


Coordinates: 26°45′58″N 116°21′05″E / 26.76611°N 116.35139°E / 26.76611; 116.35139


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