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Guangdong Museum

The Guangdong Museum (Chinese: 广东新博物馆; pinyin: Guǎngdōng xīn bówùguǎn; Jyutping: gwong2 dung1 san1 bok3 mat6 gun2) is a public museum in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China.[1] The building has a distinctive quadrilateral shape, located in Zhujiang New Town of Guangzhou. [2] The museum was designed by Rocco Design Architects Limited, has been recognised with the 2013 International Architecture Award.[3]


Guangdong museum is situated by the northern banks of the Pearl River in the centre of Tianhe District, the Central Business District of Guangzhou.[4][5][6]


The museum has recently completed construction in 2010. The museum opened on May 18, 2010 to the public.[1]

Developed by Arup, the Guangdong Museum covers a total floor area of 66,980 square metres.[5] The five storey building consist of four large exhibition halls with a collection of over 130,000 exhibits.[5]

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