Guangdong University of Science and Technology

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Guangdong University of Science and Technology
Type Private
Established 2003
Location Dongguan

Guangdong University of Science and Technology is a private university located in Dongguan, Guangdong, China, and it is situated on the south side of the city. It was established in 2003 by Nanbo Tech.


The university applies international education concepts, and keep improving the teaching quality by that. The university had been doing cooperation with companies and establishing exchange programs with the Shu-Te University, St. John's University, and China University of Technology. Moreover, the university set up some international programs for students, such as 2+2 and MBA1+1, both means half of the school time are in China, and the other half will be study abroad in one of the overseas universities. And those cooperating universities include University of the Incarnate Word, George Fox University, Utica College. The advanced education concepts and systems lead them to a higher position among universities in China. From 2007 to 2012, the university had been receiving handful of awards from the city levels, province levels and the national levels of professional technique competition.


There are seven faculties in the university, including Computer science, Arts, Engineering, Finance, Management, English and Basic.

  • Computer science is mainly focus on software design, website design, graphic design and software technique. The quality of teaching is consider as high because of the good quality of professors, some of them are from South China Normal University and South China University of Technology, which are of the top university in South China. Since 2009, the students receive over 100 of awards from China nation levels of academic competition. In 2012, the first year student who called Zheng Lin won the first place of "Blue Bridge Cup in Guangdong area, and the third place in the China area.
  • Faculty of Arts contain two departments, which are fashion and engineering, and fashion design. The university provides their own drawing rooms and cutting rooms for students. Also, the university establishes co-ed programs for the art students as well. Students can have their internship in some big clothing companies.
  • Engineering is one of the most important faculties in the university. The professors will train the students with on-hand projects and help them to learn techniques. Also, the ability of problem solving is a goal for teaching, the students will need to understand the process and be independent when problems exist.
  • Finance is a faculty that built up at 2003, and it includes financial management and financial engineering. The students can study a wild range of financial areas, includes accounting, investing, financing and economies. The student can use to computer labs to practice the ways to handle numbers and data. Moreover, the university set up a co-ed program with some famous accounting firms outside of the school, in order to provide chances to students to learn skills and knowledge from the real society.
  • The Faculty of Management involves three major departments, which are marketing, business management and general management. Most of the professors in this faculty had the experiences of studying oversea, which will provide students a worldwide view. Also, the university will make plans for the students for their future occupation. Some companies will sign contract with some out-standing students before graduate, to make sure they can get hired after university.
  • Basic is a faculty that teach students math, Chinese, P.E., dancing and music.
  • English is one of the most practical faculty in the university, and this faculty includes two biggest areas which is General English and Business English. The university establishes 21 labs on campus, 5 international business training rooms, 8 language studios, 1 translate practicing room, and 1 simulate studio.

School Resources[edit]

The university library has 1,100,000 of books, 440,000 of electronic books, and about 40,000 of video resources.


Coordinates: 22°58′09″N 113°45′17″E / 22.9693°N 113.7548°E / 22.9693; 113.7548