Guangfeng District

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Juntan Reservoir
Juntan Reservoir
Location in Jiangxi
Location in Jiangxi
Coordinates: 28°26′18″N 118°10′46″E / 28.43833°N 118.17944°E / 28.43833; 118.17944Coordinates: 28°26′18″N 118°10′46″E / 28.43833°N 118.17944°E / 28.43833; 118.17944
Country People's Republic of China
Province Jiangxi
Prefecture-level city Shangrao
Capital Yongfeng
 • Total 1,377.79 km2 (531.97 sq mi)
 • Total 760,000
 • Density 550/km2 (1,400/sq mi)
Time zone China Standard (UTC+8)
Postal Code 334600
Area Code 0793
Vehicle registration 赣E

Guangfeng District (simplified Chinese: 广丰区; traditional Chinese: 廣豐區; pinyin: Guǎngfēng Qū; literally: "wide & luxuriant") is a district which lies in the most east of Jiangxi province, China. The county bordering Zhejiang and Fujian province. It covers 1,377.79 km2 (531.97 sq mi) and the population reaches 760,000 people.


The district first established in 758 (Tang dynasty) as a county, and repealed in 812. Then in 1074 (Song dynasty), the district was established again as a county.


Guangfeng has been a county for over 1,300 years. Administratively, the district is part of the prefecture-level city Shangrao. The county administers 23 townships.


The climate is temperate there with abundant rainfall in the monsoon season, and has clearly differentiated summers and winters.


Guangfeng's most famous scene is Boshan Temple, which lies in the west of the county. The temple has a history over 1000 years, the famous poet of South Song dynasty, Xin Qiji was toured it often.


Guangfeng was once a poor district, but now it is one of the wealthiest counties of Jiangxi. The most famous industry of the district is the tobacco industry. The GDP of 2005 is 7.29 billion.