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China Railway
China Railway High-speed
Guangzhou Railway Station 2013.11.16 07-27-10.jpg
Location 159 Huanshi Xilu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, Guangdong
Coordinates 23°9′5.40″N 113°15′8.69″E / 23.1515000°N 113.2524139°E / 23.1515000; 113.2524139Coordinates: 23°9′5.40″N 113°15′8.69″E / 23.1515000°N 113.2524139°E / 23.1515000; 113.2524139
Line(s) Jingguang RailwayGuangshen RailwayGuangmao Railway
Platforms 4
  • Bus terminal
Opened 1974
Previous names Liuhua
Guangzhou Railway Station
Simplified Chinese 广州站
Traditional Chinese 廣州站
Hanyu Pinyin Guǎngzhōu Zhàn
Alternative Chinese name
Simplified Chinese 广州火车站
Traditional Chinese 廣州火車站
Hanyu Pinyin Guǎngzhōu Huǒchēzhàn

Guangzhou Railway Station (Chinese: 广州火车站; Pinyin: Guǎngzhōu Huǒchēzhàn) serves the city of Guangzhou, China. It sits on the high speed Guangshen railway just west of Guangzhou East. As one of the busiest railway stations in southern China, Guangzhou station is known for its notorious safety record.[citation needed] CRH trains from Guangzhou serves Shenzhen six times daily.

Services from this station include trains to Beijing (Jingguang railway) and Lhasa. It is served by the Guangzhou Metro on Line 2 and Line 5.


As early as the 1950s, the provincial government saw the need for a central train station in Guangzhou but the plans were shelved until 1974 due to the Cultural Revolution. On the 4 April, 1979 with the normalisation of relations with Hong Kong, the through-train service that was suspended for over twenty-five years was resumed. Through-train services were moved to Guangzhou East in 1996 due to increasing security problems.

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