Guangzhou TV Tower

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Guangzhou TV Tower
Guangzhou TV Tower.JPG
General information
Coordinates 23°08′50″N 113°15′47″E / 23.14722°N 113.26305°E / 23.14722; 113.26305Coordinates: 23°08′50″N 113°15′47″E / 23.14722°N 113.26305°E / 23.14722; 113.26305
Antenna spire 217 m (712 ft)
Roof 160 m (520 ft)
Technical details
Floor count 3

Guangzhou Tower is a 217 m (712 ft) lattice telecommunication tower in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou with an observation deck, erected in 1991.

A newer 618 m (2,028 ft) tower was completed in Guangzhou in October 2010, named Canton Tower that initially bore the name Guangzhou TV and Sightseeing Tower. It features observation decks on floors 107 and 108.[1]


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