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Cordillera de Guaniguanico
Highest point
PeakPan de Guajaibón
Elevation699 m (2,293 ft)
Coordinates22°47′26.66″N 83°21′53.03″W / 22.7907389°N 83.3647306°W / 22.7907389; -83.3647306
Length160 km (99 mi)
Guaniguanico is located in Cuba
Location of Guaniguanico in Cuba
ProvincesPinar del Río and Artemisa
Range coordinates22°43′19″N 83°28′48″W / 22.72194°N 83.48000°W / 22.72194; -83.48000Coordinates: 22°43′19″N 83°28′48″W / 22.72194°N 83.48000°W / 22.72194; -83.48000

Guaniguanico, also known as Cordillera de Guaniguanico, is a mountain range of western Cuba that spans from the centre-west of Pinar del Río Province to the western area of Artemisa Province.[1] It is formed by the subranges of Sierra del Rosario and Sierra de los Órganos.[2][3]


The cordillera spans for a length of circa 160 km, from the town Guane, in the west of Pinar del Río Province, to the Alturas de Mariel, near Mariel, Artemisa Province. The two subranges composing it, Sierra de los Órganos (west) and Sierra del Rosario (east), are divided in the middle by the San Diego River (Río San Diego). The highest peak is the Pan de Guajaibón (699 m), located between the municipalities of Bahía Honda and La Palma. It represents a symbol of western Cuba.[4][3][5]


The Guaniguanico includes the Viñales Valley,[6] a natural reserve and World Heritage Site; and other landmarks as the waterfalls of Salto de Soroa, the nature reserve of Las Terrazas, and the protected area of Mil Cumbres.[7]

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