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Guanimes are a prepared food that can be traced back to the pre-Columbian era in Puerto Rico.


Guanimes are related to tamales and hallacas. Cornmeal masa is wrapped in corn husk stuffed with meat, nuts, fish, beans, or nothing at all. They are then boiled like tamales and hallacas. Taínos in Puerto Rico also mashed cassava, batata, and squash into the cornmeal masa. This later became the modern day pasteles.

Modern Puerto Rico[edit]

There are two well known guanimes in Puerto Rico one made with cornmeal or cornflour and the other with flour. Guanimes are prepare with coconut milk, anise, honey and grated plantain or cassava. A small amount of the dough (masa) is then put onto banana leaves forming into small logs, wrap and tied on both ends. Once wrap they are boiled in salt water.

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