Guanzhuang Station (Batong Line)

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Beijing Subway
Guanzhuang station platform.jpg
Location Beijing
Operated by Beijing Mass Transit Railway Operation Corp., Ltd
Line(s)      Batong line
Opened December 27, 2003
Preceding station   Beijing Subway   Following station
towards Sihui
Batong line
towards Tuqiao

Guanzhuang Station (Chinese: 管庄; pinyin: guǎnzhuāng) is a station on Batong Line of the Beijing Subway in People's Republic of China.

Installation of automatic platform gate[edit]

Guanzhuang Station platform screen doors

Officially launched on August 9, 2012,[1] the installation of automatic platform gates on Guanzhuang Station has been finished by September 2012.[2]

Name conflict[edit]

This station has the same English name as a station on Line 15, also part of the Beijing Subway system. In Chinese this is not a problem as the station on Line 15 is called 关庄 and one on the Batong Line is called 管庄, but the government policy in China is to create English names from the pinyin transliteration of Chinese language, but without the tone markers; thus 关庄 (guānzhuāng) and 管庄 (guǎnzhuāng) are both rendered as guanzhuang, making them look identical.

Guanzhuang Station (bottom), taken from Tongzhou district.


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Coordinates: 39°54′33″N 116°35′56″E / 39.9092°N 116.5990°E / 39.9092; 116.5990