Guaraná (beverage)

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Guaraná (Backus)
500 ml Guaraná Backus
Type Soft drink
Manufacturer Backus and Johnston
Country of origin Peru and Brazil
Related products Viva

Guaraná is a Peruvian and Brazilian brand of soft drink owned by Backus and Johnston and sold in Peru. Guaraná is a soft-drink containing guarana fruit and is sold in PET bottles of 500 ml.[1] In 2007 the drink had 5% of the Peruvian soft drinks market, and was relaunched with a new bottle and label and a light version.[2] A year later its sales had increased by 49%.[3]

The brand has sponsored national windsurfing,[4] taekwondo[5] and youth football[6] tournaments. It is widely used by Peruvian A/B youth sectors to be mixed up with whisky.


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