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Also known as镇魂
Written byQi Xiaoyu
Ye Fangzhou
Hua Liang
StarringBai Yu
Zhu Yilong
Opening themeWe Won't be Falling
Ending themeJust Cared Too Much
Country of originChina
Original language(s)Mandarin
No. of episodes40
Producer(s)Zhou Yuanzhou
Production location(s)China
Running time45 minutes
Production company(s)Shi Yue Film and Television, Zhe Jiang Sheng Xi Hua Shi, Tai Yang Chuan He Culture and Media, Huan Mi Culture and Communication.
Original networkYouku
Original release13 June (2018-06-13) – 25 July 2018 (2018-07-25)

Guardian (Chinese: 镇魂[1]) is a web drama adapted from the fantasy BL novel of the same name.[2] The novel of Guardian is a famous supernatural internet novel about legendary gay romance, which is created by famous network novelist, Priest.[3] The original novel was changed in the show to be a bromance, rather than romance between the two leads due to the censorship. What is more, it changes context from supernatural events to criminal events with specific explanation. It stars Bai Yu (白宇) (Johnny Bai) and Zhu Yilong (朱一龙).[4][5][6][7]

The series was released on Youku on 13 June 2018. Members got three new episodes every Wednesday, Thursday and non-members were updated with one episode from Monday to Saturday.[8] The Guardian Series is highly recommended by People Daily's web site[9] It ended on 25 July 2018. Until 3 August 2018, it got 3.4 billion video views on Youku. It become a phenomenal Web Series in Summer 2018 and a large volume of fans called Guardian Girls were generated. But on Aug 2nd, 8 days after its final episode was released, the series was banned for some unknown reason.[10] On November 10, 2018, the Guardian opened to the public in Youku.[11] When it came back to the public eye, its playback volume reached 52.35 million in 7 days.[12]

It is also available on YouTube in English.


More than ten thousand years ago, an alien race landed on the planet Haixing. Some among them fused their cells with plants and animals, forming the Yashou tribe. Some went deep underground and started to be known as the Dixing people. Their cells mutated as well and they learned to exhibit various supernatural powers. There was, however, peace between the three tribes. When a meteor hit, Haixing and Dixing's resources started to deplete. The Dixing people escaped to the surface and started a war with the Haixing and Yashou people for domination. The Haixing people and Yashou people, headed by Kunlun (Zhao Yunlan), and the peace-loving Dixing people, headed by the Black Robe Envoy, fought against these extremists. Kunlun and the Black Robe Envoy became battle comrades. In the end, Haixing won the war after they created four Holy Tools out of the meteor. The three tribes then signed an agreement on peace.

Kunlun disappeared into the void at the end of the war. The Black Robe Envoy made the solitary guardian of peace between the two worlds waiting for the return of Kunlun.

Zhao Yun Lan (Bai Yu) is an unruly leader of the Special Investigation Department in charge of cases related to Dixing people. Shen Wei (Zhu Yilong) is a gentle and calm university professor of biological engineering. His real identity however is the Black Robe Envoy, one of the three most powerful people of Dixing.


Cast Role Description Note
Bai Yu (Johnny Bai) Zhao Yun Lan 赵云澜


Director of the Special Investigation Department
Zhu Yilong Shen Wei 沈巍 (Black Robe Envoy 黑袍使) Dragon City University Professor of Biology, later consultant of the Special Investigation Department
Ye Zun 夜尊 Shen Wei's twin brother, true antagonist of the series
Xin Peng Guo Chang Cheng 郭长城 (Xiao Guo 小郭) Intern of the Special Investigation Department, Soul Lamp Wick, the purest soul in the world
Li Wei Da Qing 大庆 Deputy director of the Special Investigation Department, Black Cat,Yashou people, the friend of Kunlun
Gao Yu Er Zhu Hong 祝红 Secretary of the Special Investigation Department, Snake,Yashou people
Wang Ming Yang Chu Shu Zhi 楚恕之 Field agent of the Special Investigation Department, excellent puppet Division, Dixing people
Lin Min Ting Lin Jing 林静 Technical expert of the Special Investigation Department
Li Si Qi Wang Zheng 汪徵(Ge Lan 格兰) HR of the Special Investigation Department, the descendants of ancient tribes, lover of Sang Zan, soul
Wang Chao Wei Sang Zan 桑赞 Archivist of the Special Investigation Department, the descendants of ancient tribes, lover of Wang Zheng, soul
Wang Wei Hua Zhao Xin Chi 赵心慈 Zhao Yun Lan's father, the previous Director of the Special Investigation Department, symbiotic with a kind Dingxing People
Wang Yongfeng Cong Bo Intelligencer,external assistance of the Special Investigation Department
Jing long Guo Ying 郭英 Guo Chang Cheng's uncle, 监察部副部长
Dong fan Li Qian 李茜 Master's degree student in Dragon City University


1."只是太在意" (Ending theme)Lin Qiao, Ning HengyuNing HengyuNing Hengyu03:46
2."时间飞行" (Interlude)Zhang YingLuo KunBai Yu, Zhu Yilong03:06
3."We Won't be Falling[13]" (Opening theme)Chen XueranChen XueranChen Xueran03:11


Positive evaluation

With a grand view of the world, the play constructs the concepts of the Haixinig and the Dixing. The story line is progressive, and many audiences are impressed by the story of the heroes who pay each other to protect justice. One of the highlights of the show is the fact that so many other wonderful episodes from the books are also featured in the series. It is very impressive and adds a lot of color to the whole story. These precious feelings happening around ordinary people reflect the inner world that the audience needs most. The soul thread running through the whole drama is this touching guardian feeling.[14] (People's Daily online)

The series embodies brotherly feelings and positive energy in the story incisively and vividly. The development of the whole story never relies on dog blood, selling bitterness and sensationalism to deliberately create contradictions and conflicts, but USES detailed and realistic stories and characters to attract audiences.[15] (China entertainment review)

Negative evaluation

While the show can be addictive, it lacks the kernel to chew on. Several cases are integrated into the story, but the presentation is too stereotyped. The suspense of case solving process is not enough, the reasoning logic is jumping, and it is not rigorous. Each case will be concluded with positive energy by several parties, and the expression is unsophisticated.[16] (Yangcheng Evening News)

International broadcast[edit]


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