Guardians (card game)

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Guardians cardback.jpg
The card back to Guardians CCG
Designer(s) Keith Parkinson and Luke Peterschmidt
Publisher(s) Friedlander Publishing Group
Players 2-4
Playing time Approx 45 min
Random chance Some
Skill(s) required Card playing

Guardians is an out-of-print collectible card game created by Keith Parkinson and Luke Peterschmidt, published by Friedlander Publishing Group (FPG) in 1995.[1] In it, two players build armies led by powerful leaders called Guardians. Unlike many CCGs, there is a 4x3 "map" where armies maneuver; each player has strongholds on their "row", and the middle two rows are disputed. There are three potential victory conditions: a player can either defeat the enemy Guardian, conquer all 6 "disputed territories" in the middle two rows, or exhaust their opponent by depleting their armies ("shields").[2]


Guardians was marketed rather crudely, emphasizing scantily-clad women in cards and sex appeal. For example, there was a card called "Super Model" which "Destroys any creature which can be bribed by Babes",[3] and an article/advertisement in Inquest written by designer Luke Peterschmidt featured a caption saying "Six of the... uh, three of the best things about Guardians" next to artwork of three large-chested women in little clothing.[2]


The game was reported to have a strong following in Philadelphia, Ohio, England and France.[4] Peterschmidt mentioned that a "secondary game" (in relation to Magic: the Gathering) needs at least "three cities" to make money publishing a trading card game and these large areas could "support a lower-end game without a lot of overhead."[4]


Guardians was most renowned for the quality of its artwork. Artists include:

Expansion set list[edit]

  • Guardians Revised Edition
  • Dagger Isle
  • Drifter's Nexus (120 cards) [5]
  • Necropolis Park [4]


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