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"Guardians of Time" redirects here. For the sculpture by Manfred Kielnhofer, see Guardians of Time (art).

Guardians of Time is a trilogy of novels written by Marianne Curley. The plot of the trilogy consists of the Guardians of Time (the Guard), trying to protect the past, present, and future by traveling into the past to thwart their enemies, the Order of Chaos (the Order), who are trying to change past events to give themselves more power.

The books in this trilogy are The Named, The Dark, and The Key.


The story is set in a fictionalized Angel Falls (for the real place, see Angel Falls) which is directly above the ancient city of Veridian. The town is set in Australia, somewhere in the outback or a national park, not far from Sydney, according to the coordinates given in The Dark.[1] This town is secluded and borders the Australian bush. Waterfalls, forests and streams encase the town. Most importantly, the town people do not know that their town is located directly above the ancient lost city of Veridian, which is where an ancient prophecy exists. From context, the town appears to be small and spread out, the [high] school having a small population.

The story appears to be set in the present or just a few years in the past.

Story Basis[edit]

The Named are an elite group of prophesied soldiers of the Guardians of Time. The nine of them are destined to battle the Order of Chaos to make sure that the past, present, and future happen the way it is supposed to.


Isabel, Ethan, Matt, Rochelle, Dillon, Neriah, Lorian, Lady Arabella, Lord Penbarin, Arkarian, King Richard, Marduke, Jimmy, Shaun, Mr. Carter, and Lathenia.

The series[edit]

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In April 2016, ten years after the publication of The Key, Curley announced on her Instagram page that she was working on the fourth book in the series after much demand from fans.


This ebook is available on as well as Barnes and Noble's website.


  1. ^ It is revealed in The Dark that the National Park is '36 degrees south of the equator, 148 degrees east of the prime meridian'.

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