Guardians of the 'Hood

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Guardians of the 'Hood
Guardians of the 'Hood flyer.png
Developer(s)Atari Games
Publisher(s)Atari Games
  • WW: December 1992
Genre(s)Action, Beat 'em up
Mode(s)1-3 player simultaneous

Guardians of the 'Hood is an arcade game released by Atari Games in June 5, 1992. It is a 2.5D side-scrolling fighting game featuring digitized sprites similar to Pit-Fighter and sprite scaling effects that gives a feeling of depth. The game was originally sold in both dedicated cabinets and conversion kits and it allows a maximum of three simultaneous players.


Taking on the role of either Conner, Chief, Javier, or Tanya, the player must advance through four areas of the city (slums, subway, chinatown and amusement park) to defeat gangs such as The Dreads, The Shavers, and The Dragons. After defeating a gang leader, he will join the player's team to help on the streets. After cleaning up an area, the player returns to the Gym to have a head-to-head match against a friend. After winning 2 of 3 rounds, the player proceeds to the next area. The last stage is a fight with the Big Boss.

The player has a power move called "Magic" similar to those seen in the Street Fighter series, where the player throws a projectile at the enemy.

The game features a weapon system, where a player can collect a variety of objects along the way and throw or use them on the enemies.


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