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Guardic front cover.jpg
Developer(s) Compile
Publisher(s) Compile, D4 Enterprise
Designer(s) Satoshi "Pac" Fujishima
Platform(s) MSX (original)
Release 1986 (MSX)
2011 (iOS)
Genre(s) Fixed shooter
Mode(s) Single player

Guardic (ガーディック, Gādikku) is a fixed shooter video game for the MSX computer. It was created and developed by Satoshi "Pac" Fujishima while working for Compile, the creators of other shoot 'em up games such as Zanac, The Guardian Legend, and Blazing Lazers.

Guardic is unique in that the player can choose stages, which are connected by a maze. Each stage is a non-scrollable single screen and has 1 to 3 groups of different enemies. The player can "buy" ship power-ups like speed, weaponry, and special powers before each stage—a departure from the traditional scrolling-shooter power-up system. In the end of each stage, the ship could safely fly through a scrollable maze to another stage.

Guardic is the second title in a MSX trilogy by Fujishima, which started with Final Justice (1985) and ended with Blaster Burn (1990). In this last installment the player commands Guardic II as its main weapon against Gose, an invasion army from outer space. It also inspired the sequel, and cult classic NES shooter, The Guardian Legend (known as Guardic Gaiden in Japan).

In August 2011 D4 Enterprise released an emulated version for iOS devices.

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