Guatemala at the 1952 Summer Olympics

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Guatemala at the
1952 Summer Olympics
Flag of Guatemala.svg
IOC code GUA
NOC Guatemalan Olympic Committee
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in Helsinki
Competitors 21 in 6 sports
Gold Silver Bronze Total
0 0 0 0
Summer Olympics appearances (overview)

Guatemala competed in the Summer Olympic Games for the first time at the 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Finland. 21 competitors, 20 men and 1 woman, took part in 26 events in 6 sports.[1]



Track Competition

Men's 1.000m Time Trial

  • Final — 1:18.9 (→ 24th place)

Men's 1.000m Sprint Scratch Race


Three fencers, all men, represented Guatemala in 1952.

Men's foil
Men's épée
Men's sabre


Three shooters represented Guatemala in 1952.

25 m pistol
50 m pistol
300 m rifle, three positions
50 m rifle, prone




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