Guatemalan general election, 1954

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Constituent Assembly elections were held alongside a plebiscite on the presidency of Carlos Castillo Armas in Guatemala on 10 October 1954. A reported 99.92% of voters voted in favour of Armas' presidency, whilst the National Anti-Communist Front won 57 of the 65 seats in the Assembly.



Choice Votes %
For 485,699 99.92
Against 400 0.08
Invalid/blank votes -
Total 486,099 100
Source: Holden

Constituent Assembly[edit]

Parties and alliances Votes % Seats
National Anti-Communist Front 57
Anti-Сommunist University Students Committee 2
Independent Anti-Communist Party of the West 2
Independents 2
Invalid/blank votes - -
Total -
Source: Ebel


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