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Alternative names Guatitas criollas
Type Stew
Main ingredients Tripe
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Guatitas ([little] guts or [little] bellies, from Spanish: Guata; "Gut/Belly"), or guatitas criollas, is a popular dish in Chile and in Ecuador, where it is considered a national dish.

Guatitas is essentially a stew whose main ingredient is pieces of tripe (cow stomach), known locally as "guatitas". The tripe is often cleaned several times in a lemon-juice brine, after which it is cooked for a long time until the meat is tender. Then it is allowed to cool and finely chopped. There are various vegetarian versions of the dish in which wheat gluten is substituted for tripe. Other variations use strong-tasting fish such as tuna. The traditional Ecuadorian recipe is served hot and accompanied by potatoes and a peanut sauce.

The dish is often considered an acquired taste. Because of its strong taste, it is sometimes served in small quantities.

In Ecuador, it is believed that guatita helps relieve hangover symptoms.[1][2] For this reason, it is often served by restaurants early on Saturday and Sunday mornings.

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