Guava River

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Guava River
Country Jamaica
Basin features
Main source 3,000 feet (910 m)[1]
18°02′44″N 76°30′06″W / 18.045461°N 76.501665°W / 18.045461; -76.501665[1]
River mouth 100 feet (30 m)[1]
18°06′19″N 76°27′28″W / 18.105382°N 76.457892°W / 18.105382; -76.457892Coordinates: 18°06′19″N 76°27′28″W / 18.105382°N 76.457892°W / 18.105382; -76.457892[1]
  • Left:
    Three unnamed[1]
  • Right:
    Two unnamed[1]
Source of Guava River is located in Jamaica
Source of Guava River
Source of Guava River

The Guava River rises just north of the Grand Ridge of the Blue Mountains on the border of Portland Parish in Jamaica.[1] From here it runs east then north and then east again to its confluence with the Rio Grande.[1]

As of 2010 there are no roads or settlements visible anywhere along the river's length on satellite imagery[2] or on the earlier maps.[1]

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