Guayana Province

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Map of Spanish colonial Guayana Province (1599).
Map of colonial Venezuela, with Guayana Province is in yellow (1810) .

Guayana Province (1585−1864) was a former province of Spanish Colonial Venezuela and independent Venezuela, in northern South America.

The province was part of the Spanish colonial New Andalusia Province and Captaincy General of Venezuela from 1585 to 1821, and of independent Venezuela from 1821 to 1864,


Guayana Province covered a territory roughly equal to the present day country of Guyana and the Venezuelan Guayana Region from 1591 to 1739, when the province's territory was merged into the Spanish Trinidad-Guayana Province, along with Trinidad Province (present day Trinidad and Tobago).

Guayana Province was within the Spanish colonial New Andalusia Province from its establishment in 1585 to 1776, when it was incorporated into the new Captaincy General of Venezuela. It was also within the larger jurisdiction of the Viceroyalty of New Granada (1717–1819).

After the Venezuelan War of Independence (1811–1823) it was a province in new nation of Venezuela until 1864.


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