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Pigface Gub.jpg
Studio album by Pigface
Released 1991
Genre Industrial rock
Length 63:17
Label Invisible
Producer Steve Albini
Pigface chronology
Lean Juicy Pork
Welcome to Mexico... Asshole
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4/5 stars[1]

Gub is the second release and first LP by Pigface. It is notable for featuring contributions from Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails before Nine Inch Nails achieved mainstream success.

Trent Reznor re-recorded "Suck" for the Nine Inch Nails EP, Broken, released the following year.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Credit Length
1. "Tapeworm" Martin Atkins, Bill Rieflin, Ogilvie 4:38
2. "The Bushmaster" Atkins, Rieflin, David Yow, Trent Reznor 5:22
3. "Cylinder Head World" Atkins, Rieflin 3:48
4. "Point Blank" Atkins, Rieflin, Chris Connelly 2:57
5. "Suck" Atkins, Rieflin, Paul Barker, Reznor 3:42
6. "Symphony for Taps" Atkins 1:25
7. "The Greenhouse" Atkins, Rieflin 3:28
8. "Little Sisters" Atkins, Rieflin, Connelly, William Tucker 3:05
9. "Tailor Made" Atkins, Rieflin, Barker 6:04
10. "War Ich Nicht Immer Ein Guter Junge?
War Ich Nicht Immer Schoen Und Nett?
Ich Zerpfluckte Niemals Eine Spinne
War Niemals Frech Und Stahl"
Atkins, Rieflin, En Esch 4:57
11. "Blood and Sand" Atkins, Rieflin, Connelly, Matt Schultz 4:37
12. "Weightless" Atkins, Rieflin, Connelly, Barker 4:13

Compact disc versions of Gub include the four remix tracks that originally appeared on the Spoon Breakfast EP.


Additional assistance provided by

  • Steve Albini - production (1-12), bass (1), guitar (4), sounds (9)
  • Kurt Moore - sounds (5)