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Pasmo Gubałowskie T57-2.jpg
Highest point
Elevation 1,126 m (3,694 ft)
Coordinates 49°18′27″N 19°56′9″E / 49.30750°N 19.93583°E / 49.30750; 19.93583Coordinates: 49°18′27″N 19°56′9″E / 49.30750°N 19.93583°E / 49.30750; 19.93583
Location Zakopane, Poland

Gubałówka is a mountain in the Gubałówka Range (Polish: Pasmo Gubałowskie or Pogórze Gubałowskie), above the Polish town of Zakopane. The mountain is a popular tourist attraction, offering commanding views of the Tatras and Zakopane. In 1938 the funicular connected Zakopane and the top of Gubałówka. The chair lift to Butorowy Wierch was opened in 1977.

There's a Zakopane-Gubałówka transmitter (Polish: RTON Gubałówka ) located on the top of the mountain.