Gubin, Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Gubin (Serbian Cyrillic: Губин) is a village in the municipality of Livno, in western Bosnia and Herzegovina.


In June 1941, on the Orthodox Pentecost, Ustashe from Livno raided the village.[1] The Ustashe carried out atrocities in the region.[2] Several locals joined the 4th Krajina Brigade of the Yugoslav Partisans.[3] The village was completely destroyed by Croat forces during and after the Yugoslav wars, but organisations such as the United Methodist Church have raised funds to help rebuild the town.[citation needed] The local Serb population fled to Serbia in 1995 amid Operation Storm. A small number has since returned.


According to the 1991 census, there were 366 inhabitants in the village, out of whom 361 were Serbs. According to preliminary results of the 2013 census, there are 107 inhabitants.




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Coordinates: 43°57′N 16°39′E / 43.950°N 16.650°E / 43.950; 16.650