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Gucha District was a former district in Nyanza Province, western Kenya. It was also known by the name: South Kisii District or Ogembo District. In 1999, its population was approximately 461,000 [1]. Its district headquarters were at Ogembo which houses more than a thousand residents, (people who live in the center of the town), with more than one thousand people more that visit it each day.

Agriculture is the main industry. Apart from numerous small family plantations, there are large sugar cane fields. The population is mostly Gusii, but the district borders Maasai land at southeast. There has been some ethnic clashes between them.

The district had three constituencies: South Mugirango, Bomachoge and Bobasi. At the 2002 General elections all three seats were won by FORD-People.

In 2010, the district was eliminated and merged into Kisii County.

Local authorities (councils)
Authority Type Population* Urban pop.*
Ogembo Town 48,725 1,654
Nyamarambe Town 40,232 212
Nyamache Town 38,924 2,205
Tabaka Town 26,325 5,067
Gucha County 306,733 1,946
Total - 460,939 11,084
* 1999 census. Source: [2]
Administrative divisions
Division Population* Urban pop.* Headquarters
Etago 59,652 0
Kenyenya 92,641 1,857
Nyacheki 56,998 405
Nyamache 54,722 1,702
Nyamarambe 67,060 3,850
Ogembo 78,827 1,465 Ogembo
Sameta 51,039 0
Total 460,939 9,279 -
* 1999 census. Sources: [3], [4],

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