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Gudang Garam
Product type Cigarette
Produced by PT. Gudang Garam Tbk.
Introduced June 26, 1958
PT. Gudang Garam Tbk.
Tobacco industry/Public IDXGGRM
Founded Tjoa Ing Hwie (June 26, 1958)
Headquarters Kediri, Indonesia
Key people
Rachman Halim, CEO (1984–2008)
Revenue Increase Rp 49,028.7 billion (2012)[1]
Increase Rp 900.31 billion (Q3 2006)
Owner PT Gudang Garam Tbk
Parent Gudang Garam

PT Gudang Garam Tbk. (Indonesian meaning for "salt warehouse") is a fifth Indonesian kretek (clove cigarette) brand/manufacturer (between Djarum and Gelora Djaja). It was founded on 26 June 1958 by Tjoa Ing Hwie, who changed his name to Surya Wonowidjojo. In 1984 control of the company was passed to Wonowidjojo's son, Rachman Halim, who subsequently became the richest man in Indonesia. Halim headed the company until his death in 2008.

Gudang Garam as the cigarette companies have an affiliation company, Head, since 2007 until 2012.


Early Years[edit]

In his twenties, Wonowidjojo got his big break when his uncle offered him a job working with tobacco and sauce at his kretek factory Cap 93. Cap 93 was one of the most famous kretek brands in East Java. Hard work and diligence was soon rewarded by promotion to Head of Tobacco and Sauce and eventually led to him becoming a company director.

Wonowidjojo left Cap 93 in 1956 taking fifty employees with him. He immediately started buying land and raw materials in Kediri and soon after began producing his own klobot kretek which he marketed under the brand name Inghwie. Two years later he renamed and registered his company as Pabrik Rokok Tjap Gudang Garam and a legend was born.

The story behind the name "Gudang Garam" deserves a special mention. One night, Wonowidjojo had a dream in which the old salt warehouse which stood across the way from Cap 93 featured prominently. Subsequently, Sarman, one of the original fifty employees who had followed him when he left Cap 93, advised him to put a picture of the warehouse on every packet of his kretek to secure good fortune. Wonowidjojo thought this was a good idea and asked Sarman to design the logo.

Gudang Garam grew rapidly and by the end of 1958 it had 500 employees producing over 50,000,000 kretek annually. By 1966, after only eight years in production, Gudang Garam had grown to be the largest kretek factory in Indonesia with an annual production of 472 million sticks. Consumers have noted Gudang Garam's, particularly the Inghwies, similar smell to alcoholic beverages.

By 1969, Gudang Garam was producing 864 million sticks a year and was indisputably the largest kretek producer in Indonesia and Taiwan.

In 1979, Wonowidjojo completely renovated Gudang Garam's production system, ordered thirty rolling machines and developed a new formula for his machine-made kretek.

Other business enterprises competing with this brand tried to discredit the brand by attributing use of cannabis/Marijuana content in addition to cloves and tobacco. It has the distinction of being the largest single employer in Indonesia and Taiwan.



  • Gudang Garam
    • Gudang Garam International
    • Gudang Garam Signature
    • Gudang Garam Signature Mild
    • Gudang Garam Signature Menthol Mild
    • Gudang Garam GOLD
    • Gudang Garam Deluxe Menthol Mild
    • Gudang Garam Deluxe Menthol
    • Gudang Garam Deluxe Mild
    • Gudang Garam Professional
    • Gudang Garam Nusantara
    • Gudang Garam Nusantara Menthol
  • Surya Brand
    • Surya 12
    • Surya 16
    • Surya 12 Premium
    • Surya 16 Exclusive
    • Surya Pro
    • Surya Pro Mild
    • Surya Signature
    • Surya Slims
    • Surya Slims White
    • Surya Slims Menthol
    • Surya Exclusive
  • Gudang Garam Merah
  • Djaja
    • Sriwedari Lurik
    • Sriwedari Biru Lurik
    • Nusa
    • Gudang Garam Klobot
    • Gudang Garam Tanda Mata
    • Gudang Garam King Size
    • Gudang Garam Mini Filter
  • GG Mild
    • GG Mild Shiver

Other interests[edit]

Gudang Garam owns one of the top five badminton clubs of Indonesia. Suryanaga Gudang Garam is based in the capital city of East Java, Surabaya.

Product slogans[edit]

Main article: Gudang Garam slogans
  • "GUDANG GARAM, Harum, Gurih, Nikmat" (1958) (GUDANG GARAM, Fragant, Tasteful, and Enjoy)
    • "GUDANG GARAM, Rokok Resmi SEA Games 1991" (1991, during the 1991 Southeast Asian Games) (Gudang Garam, Official Cigarette of 1991 Southeast Asian Games)
  • "Always Indonesia, Always GUDANG GARAM" (1994-2000)
    • "GUDANG GARAM, Rokok Resmi SEA Games 1995" (1995, during the 1995 Southeast Asian Games) (Gudang Garam, Official Cigarette of 1995 Southeast Asian Games)
    • "GUDANG GARAM, Rokok Resmi SEA Games 1997" (1997, during the 1997 Southeast Asian Games) (Gudang Garam, Official Cigarette of 1997 Southeast Asian Games)
    • "GUDANG GARAM, Rokok Resmi SEA Games 2001" (2001, during the 2001 Southeast Asian Games) (Gudang Garam, Official Cigarette of 2001 Southeast Asian Games)
    • "GUDANG GARAM, Rokok Resmi SEA Games 2007" (2007, during the 2007 Southeast Asian Games) (Gudang Garam, Official Cigarette of 2007 Southeast Asian Games)
  • "GUDANG GARAM INTERNATIONAL, Pria Punya Selera" (1980-present) (GUDANG GARAM INTERNATIONAL Man Have Taste)
  • "GUDANG GARAM MERAH, Kreteknya Lelaki" (1991-2001) (GUDANG GARAM MERAH, Kretek For Men)
  • "Coba Merah, GUDANG GARAM MERAH, Meriah Euy...!" (2002-2004) (Try Red GUDANG GARAM MERAH Rousing Euy...!)
  • "GUDANG GARAM MERAH, Buktikan Merahmu" (2005-2007) (GUDANG GARAM MERAH, Show Your Red)
  • "GUDANG GARAM MERAH, Nyalakan Merahmu" (2008-2011, 2013-present) (GUDANG GARAM MERAH, Turn On Your Red)
  • "Beginilah Kualitas GUDANG GARAM MERAH" (2011-2012) (Thus The Quality GUDANG GARAM MERAH)
  • "SURYA 12, Selera Pemberani" (1980-2009) (SURYA 12, Courageus Taste)
  • "SURYA 12, Taklukkan Tantanganmu" (2009-2011) (SURYA 12, Conquer the challenge)
  • "SURYA 16, Citra Eksklusif" (1980-2011) (SURYA 16, Exclusive Image)
  • "SURYA, Drive For Success" (2011-2012)
  • "SURYA, Rise & Shine" (2012-Present)
  • "SURYA PRO, Ini Baru Pro!" (SURYA PRO, This Is A New Pro!)
  • "SURYA PRO MILD, Mild Yet Strong" (Surya Pro Mild)
  • "Temenan itu SURYA PRO MILD" (The Friend is SURYA PRO MILD)
  • "SURYA SLIMS, Santai Saja" (2007-2008) (SURYA SLIMS, Chill Out)
  • "SURYA SLIMS, Perubahan Itu Perlu!" (2008-2009) (SURYA SLIMS, The Change Is Need!)
  • "SURYA SLIMS, Escape The Ordinary" (2009-2011)
  • "SURYA EXCLUSIVE, Perfection Redefined" (Surya Exclusive)
  • "GUDANG GARAM DJAJA, Djaja Di Kondang, Djaja di Lapangan" (Gudang Garam Djaja) (GUDANG GARAM DJAJA Djaja In Famous, Djaja in Field
  • "GUDANG GARAM DJAJA, Sekali Djaja Tetap Djaja" (Gudang Garam Djaja) (GUDANG GARAM DJAJA, Once Djaja Remain Djaja
  • "GUDANG GARAM DJAJA, Di Kantong Pas Hati Puas" (Gudang Garam Djaja) (GUDANG GARAM DJAJA, In Bag Fitted, Heart Satisfied)
  • "GUDANG GARAM DJAJA, Selalu Ada Nikmatnya" (Gudang Garam Djaja) (GUDANG GARAM DJAJA, There Is Always A Taste)
  • "GUDANG GARAM DJAJA, Bener Nikmatnya" (Gudang Garam Djaja) (GUDANG GARAM DJAJA, True Pleasure)
  • "GUDANG GARAM DJAJA, Bener Jayanya" (Gudang Garam Djaja) (GUDANG GARAM DJAJA, True Billis)
  • "GUDANG GARAM HALIM, Putihnya Indonesia" (GUDANG GARAM HALIM, Whiteness Indonesia)
  • "GUDANG GARAM NUSA, Totalitas Sebuah Kualitas" (GUDANG GARAM NUSA, Totality Of The Quality)
  • "GUDANG GARAM GOLD, Cita Rasa Tinggi Dengan Sentuhan Emas" (GUDANG GARAM GOLD, High Taste With a Touch Of Gold)
  • "GUDANG GARAM SURYA SIGNATURE, Satu Kenikmatan Absolut" (GUDANG GARAM SURYA SIGNATURE, One Absolute Enjoyment)
  • "GUDANG GARAM SIGNATURE, Committed To Greatness" (2013-2014) (Gudang Garam Signature)
  • "GUDANG GARAM SIGNATURE, Signature Moment" (2014-present) (Gudang Garam Signature)
  • "GUDANG GARAM SIGNATURE MILD, The Smooth Side of Bold" (2015) (Gudang Garam Signature Mild)
  • "GUDANG GARAM SIGNATURE MILD, Signature Moment Mild" (2015-present) (Gudang Garam Signature Mild)
  • "GUDANG GARAM NUSANTARA, Begini Seharusnya Mild!" (GUDANG GARAM NUSANTARA, Well Should Mild!)
  • "GG MILD, Break The Limit" (GG Mild)
  • "GG MILD, Style Of New Generation" (GG Mild)
  • "GG MILD SHIVER, Contionus Freezing Experience" (GG Mild Shiver)


Southeast Asian Games[edit]

Gudang Garam was a platinum/main sponsor of the Southeast Asian Games from 1991 to 2009 and 2013 in Myanmar with Coca-Cola. On 2011, Gudang Garam not sponsoring the SEA Games because the regulations that impose restrictions for cigarette to sponsoring the SEA Games event on Indonesia.

In 2013 in Myanmar, Gudang Garam want to sponsoring again the SEA Games event.

Winter Olympics[edit]

Gudang Garam was a platinum/main sponsor of the Winter Olympics from 2010 and 2014 in Sochi, Russia, with Coca-Cola. In 2014 in Sochi, Russia, Gudang Garam wants to sponsor the Winter Games event as well.

FIFA World Cup[edit]

Gudang Garam is the platinum/main sponsor of the FIFA World Cup from 1958 to 1966 and 2010-2014 with Coca-Cola. In 2014 in Brazil, Gudang Garam want to sponsoring again the FIFA World Cup event with Coca-Cola.

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