Gudgeon (fish)

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Mud gudgeon, Ophieleotris aporos

Gudgeon is the common name for a number of small freshwater fish of the families Cyprinidae, Eleotridae or Ptereleotridae. Most gudgeons are elongate, bottom-dwelling fish, many of which live in rapids and other fast moving water.


  • Eleotridae – Known commonly as gudgeons, many species in the family Eleotridae are also called sleeper gobies. Unlike gobies, Eleotridae gudgeons have paired ventral fins rather than a fused ventral fin.[2] In Australia, gudgeons from the family Eleotridae are widespread and are popular for aquariums.
  • Ptereleotridae – Gudgeons in the family Ptereleotridae are primarily marine species and are often associated with tropical coral reefs.



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