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Bus Terminal
Guelph Bus Terminal 01.JPG
Location 17 Wyndham St South
Guelph, Ontario
Coordinates 43°32′44.8″N 80°14′43.8″W / 43.545778°N 80.245500°W / 43.545778; -80.245500Coordinates: 43°32′44.8″N 80°14′43.8″W / 43.545778°N 80.245500°W / 43.545778; -80.245500
Closed 2011

The Guelph Bus Terminal, was the main intercity bus station in Guelph, Ontario until May 2012, when it was replaced by Guelph Central Station.

Operators using the terminal included Aboutown, GO Transit and Greyhound. Coach Canada also served the station until early 2010.

Guelph Transit local bus services stopped nearby at St. George's Square.

The original terminal at 141 MacDonell Street was torn down in 2011 to make way for Guelph Central Station, which would consolidate intercity bus, local bus and railway services into one location. A temporary intercity bus terminal was provided at 17 Wyndham St South during the construction period.

Former Services[edit]

GO Transit[edit]



  • Daily service to Hamilton and limited service to Owen Sound. [4]

Guelph Transit[edit]

Guelph Transit north of the temporary bus terminal.

Guelph Transit 03.JPG

University of Guelph[edit]

The University of Guelph has created a transit hub within the entrance mall area in front of the University Centre to accommodate increased GO Bus service. Guelph Transit, Aboutown Northlink and Greyhound Canada also added more bus services to campus.[5]

Intermodal Transportation Centre[edit]

The former Guelph Bus Terminal at 141 MacDonell Street was closed and torn down in the summer of 2011 to make way for the new Guelph Central Station intermodal transportation centre. Greyhound and GO Transit buses were temporarily relocated to the corner of Fountain St. and Wyndham St. S. across from the Guelph Police Station.

The temporary bus terminal was closed in fall of 2012 and was integrated into the new transportation centre which includes Guelph railway station and former bus terminal site. The railway station was renovated to accommodate ticket sales for both bus and train users.[9] [10]

Guelph Bus Terminal 01.JPG

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