Guerilla Disco

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Guerilla Disco
Studio album by Quarashi
Released Iceland - 2004 / Japan - 2005
Recorded 2004
Genre Hip hop, alternative hip hop, rapcore, pop, dance
Length Unknown
Label Skifan / Dennis : Sony Music Entertainment Japan
Producer Sölvi Blöndal
Quarashi chronology
Guerilla Disco

Guerilla Disco is the first album from Quarashi with new rapper Tiny. The album was originally going to be called 'Payback' (the name of the opening track), but was later changed to 'Guerilla Disco', the name of an older Quarashi instrumental. The album is a more gangsta rap oriented album, in contrast to their previous album Jinx which was closer in style to rap-rock. Tiny's lyrics also add to Quarashi's new sound, as most of them are based on true life accounts such as the songs 'Stars'. This is the fifth and final studio album before their breakup on 5 August 2005.


On 3 January 2003 Quarashi announced that their lead vocalist, Hossi, was leaving. This upset many fans, and left them wondering what direction Qurashi would go in next. The answer to this was revealed in mid-2003 when rapper Opee joined them only for a limited time, they gave out a single which was titled "Mess It Up" which became a big hit in Iceland that summer. He also did some other songs with them, including 'Shady Lives, Orð Morð' and other demos.They invited him to join their band, but he refused because he had his own project going on with his band 'O.N.E' and gave out one full-length album titled One Day. Later that year they announced that a new rapper had joined the band, and made a new song featuring Tiny downloadable. The song, 'Race City' was assumed by fans to be the first single from their upcoming album still known as 'Payback', but this track was merely to introduce Tiny to the world.

Quarashi continued to work on the album throughout 2004. The first official single released for Guerilla Disco was 'Stun Gun', which was extremely popular throughout Iceland. The album was released in November 2004 in Iceland and, after securing a deal with Sony Japan, in March 2005 in Japan. The Japanese release's art was designed by Omar Swarez, a member of the band. The album is not expected to be released anywhere else, as the band broke up several months after the Japanese release.

Track listing[edit]

Icelandic version[edit]

  1. Payback 3:32
  2. Dead Man Walking 3:08
  3. Stars 3:47
  4. Audio Amigos 2:54
  5. Stun Gun 3:25
  6. Murder Frenzy 2:12
  7. Brass Knuckles 3:17
  8. Straight Jacket 3:30
  9. Pro 3:50
  10. Steua 1:15
  11. Make A Move 3:04
  12. This Song 7:28
  13. Crazy Bastard (Featuring instrumental mentioned below)

Japanese version[edit]

  1. Payback 3:32
  2. Stun Gun 3:25
  3. Stars 3:47
  4. Audio Amigos 2:45
  5. Brass Knuckles 3:17
  6. Murder Frenzy 2:00
  7. Pro 3:50
  8. Steua 1:15
  9. Race City 3:45
  10. Make a Move 3:04
  11. This Song 7:28
  12. Straight Jacket 3:30
  13. Stars (Hermigervill Remix) 4:32
  14. Stun Gun (The People VS. Quarashi) 3:45
  15. Kintarou 0:56