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Guerrilla Burlesque has become a part of San Francisco burlesque culture since 2005.[citation needed] "Guerrilla Burlesque" occurs when a burlesque act happens spontaneously at a show or when burlesque performers descend upon a show to which they were uninvited, thereby finding their way onto the stage. The term was coined in the summer of 2005 by Cherry Lix,[1] a burlesque solo artist based in San Francisco.

The first guerrilla burlesque event was performed with Cherry Lix's suggestion by Diamond Daggers,[2] a San Francisco burlesque troupe, at Jim Sweeney's (Kingfish) 2005 birthday party at the DNA Lounge in San Francisco.[citation needed] The Kingfish is one of the largest burlesque producers in San Francisco.[citation needed] After the troupe was successful with the Kingfish, Daisy Delight suggested that they guerrilla the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence's Easter Picnic in the Park, a yearly event in San Francisco's Dolores Park. Later that fall, four members of Diamond Daggers "guerrillaed" on various street corners in the Castro, a popular gay neighborhood in San Francisco.[citation needed]

In February 2006, Cherry Lix and Daisy Delight started Twilight Vixen Revue,[3] a new gay burlesque troupe, and they have continued the guerrilla burlesque tradition, most recently descending upon Miz Margo's birthday party at the DNA Lounge in July 2006.[citation needed]

This style of burlesque epitomizes the "Neo-Burlesque" or "new burlesque" style of performance, by taking traditional-styled burlesque performance and aggressively bringing it to unsuspecting, modern crowds.

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