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Presumably named after the famous painting Guernica by Pablo Picasso, this Japanese trio from the 1980s specialized in avant-garde music in a retro 1920's and 30's cabaret style. Their early recordings are primarily electronic (using synthesizers instead of traditional acoustic instruments) but their later works are performed by a live orchestra.

The primary members of Guernica were:


  • 1982.06.21 - Kaizou eno Yakudou (Energetic Actions for the Reconstruction)
  • 1982.06.21 - Ginrin wa Utau c/w Marronnier Tokuhon
  • 1988.07.21 - Shinseiki eno Unga (Canal to the New Century)
  • 1989.03.05 - Denrisou karano Manazashi (Regards from the Ionosphere)

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