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General elections to the States of Guernsey were held on 18 April 2012[1] to elect 45 candidates.

Ordinance of the States [2]

A total of 29,745 people or about two thirds of the population of Guernsey and Herm, registered to vote.

There were 20,459 voters. 81 blank papers and 65 spoilt papers, amended to 71 blank and 72 spoilt, after the two recounts.

Only five women were elected in 2012.

For the by-election of 2 December 2015 in St Peter Port North, 3,224 residents were eligible to vote. A reduction to 86% of those who had been eligible for the 2012 election. There was some controversy over holding a by-election as the cost is estimated at £51,100 to elect someone to sit as a deputy for just five months. Especially when the number of deputies and therefore seats will be reduced in April 2016.[3]


Election results [4]

St Peter Port North District (after recount) [5] 2,522 or 69% turnout

  • Michelle Le Clerc 1,712
  • John Gollop 1,455
  • Peter Sherbourne 1,305
  • Richard Conder 1,126
  • Martin Storey (dec) 1,065
  • Elis Bebb 944
  • Lester Queripel 938
  •  ? (by by-election on 2 December 2015)

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