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This article is about the game. For other uses, see Guess Who.
Two people playing Guess Who? at Spiel 2008.

Guess Who? is a two-player guessing game created by Ora and Theo Coster, also known as Theora Design, that was first manufactured by Milton Bradley in 1979 in Great Britain. It was brought to the United States in 1982.[citation needed]


Each player starts the game with a board that includes cartoon images of 24 people and their first names with all the images standing up. Each player selects a card of their choice from a separate pile of cards containing the same 24 images. The object of the game is to be the first to determine which card one's opponent has selected. Players alternate asking various yes or no questions to eliminate candidates, such as "Does this person wear glasses?" The player will then eliminate candidates by flipping those images down until all but one is left. Well-crafted questions allow players to eliminate one or more possible cards.


Special editions which have different faces have been released, including Star Wars,[1] Marvel Comics[2] and Disney.[3] There are smaller, "travel" editions which have only 20 different faces. In 2008 and 2010, extra and mix and match games were released.[citation needed]


In the United States, advertisements for the board game often showed the characters on the cards coming to life, and making witty comments to each other. This caused later editions of such ads to carry the spoken disclaimer line "game cards do not actually talk" in order to meet Federal Trade Commission advertising guidelines requiring full disclosure of toy features unable to be replicated with the actual product.[citation needed]


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