Guettioua Formation

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Guettioua Formation
Stratigraphic range: Bathonian
TypeGeological formation
UnderliesIouaridene Formation
OverliesTilougguit Formation
Country Morocco
ExtentBéni Mellal-Khénifra

The Guettioua Formation is a geological formation in Morocco. It dates back to the Middle Jurassic.[1] It largely consists of sandstone, and is of continental origin. It is the lateral equivalent of the marine El Mers Formation

Vertebrate fauna[edit]

Dinosaurs of the Guettioua Formation
Taxa Presence Notes Images


  1. A. imelakei[1]
  1. Geographically located in Province of Beni Mellal, Morocco.[1]
  1. "(=Cetiosaurus mogrebiensis)"[1] - "Numerous fragments from several individuals."[2]

"Skull and skeleton."[3]

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