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Coordinates: 40°48′26″N 44°32′17″E / 40.80722°N 44.53806°E / 40.80722; 44.53806


Gugark is located in Armenia
Coordinates: 40°48′26″N 44°32′17″E / 40.80722°N 44.53806°E / 40.80722; 44.53806
Marz (Province)Lori
 • Total4,278
Time zoneUTC+4 ( )

Gugark (Armenian: Գուգարք), formerly known as Meghrut and Yagublu, is a major village in the Lori Province of Armenia, named for the province of Gugark in Greater Armenia. It borders with Vanadzor, being 2 km south-east, and is situated along the Debed River. The village is 1,325 meters above sea level. The village was renamed from Meghrut to Gugark on May 25, 1983.


Rural residents of the village have immigrated to Gugark from villages in the Nagorno-Karabakh and Tavush regions.[1]

Years 1831 1873 1897 1919 1926 1926 1939 1959 1970 1979 2001 2004
Pop. 105 643 1125 1360 1507 1600 1943 1901 2236 3206 5665 5594


Gugark occupies an area of 2158 hectares, of which 195 ha is used as arable land, 240 hectares of meadows, 700 hectares of pasture and 20 hectares of fruit gardens.

The population produces wheat, barley, potatoes, cabbage, melons and gourds. Livestock owners produce milk, meat, wool, eggs, and honey.

Historical Sites[edit]

The town is home to St. Sarkis Church, built in the 19th century.


In 2013, the village had one kindergartens which is attended by 35 children, and two high schools, with 842 students.

Gugark also has a House of Culture, with a sports school and a music school. There is a library, which has 23 books.


Entrance to Gugark
A view of Gugark town


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