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Guglielmo (Fiamingo) Borremans (1672–1724) was a painter, born in Antwerp. He was mainly active in Italy, especially in Naples and Sicily, where he frescoed the walls and ceilings of several churches.


Little is known about his youth and education. At first, he settled in Naples, where he was influenced by Luca Giordano and Paolo de Matteis. Around 1714–15, he settled in Palermo, fertile ground where he found his own style, founded on his Flemish background, but enriched with his most recent Neapolitan experience. He died in Palermo in 1724.

One of his masterpieces is the remarkable series of frescoes in the Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta ad Alcamo, the Chiesa delle Anime Sante ad Enna, the Chiesa di San Giuseppe a Leonforte and the Chiesa dell'Assunta di San Giuseppe dei teatini in Palermo.


  • Palermo, Sicily: Frescoes in the Chiesa dei SS. Quaranta Martiri alla Guilla and Chiesa di S. Maria di Montevergini
  • Alcamo, Sicily: 38 frescoes in the Chiesa Madre or Basilica di S.Maria Assunta
  • Catania, Sicily: Annunciation in Chiesa dei Minoriti
  • Caltanissetta Sicily: frescoes (started 1722) in the Cathedral Santa Maria la Nova and in the Church of St. Agatha
  • Nicosia, Sicily: Chiesa di San Vincenzo Ferreri, the roof of the apse: a "Gloria di San Vincenzo Ferrere", dating from 1717.

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