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Guilherme A.B. Mallon (Gui Mallon) is a Brazilian composer.

Mallon was born in Rio de Janeiro, and studied music theory and harmony at the CBM-Brazilian Conservatory of Music in Rio de Janeiro. He also studied composition and conducting with Alceu Bochino and Guerra Peixe, at the Villa-Lobos School of Music in Rio de Janeiro. In 1983 he moved to the United States, where he lived in New York from 1983 to 1989. In 1990 he moved to Europe, settling down in Madrid, Spain and then finally in Sweden (1992)[1]. In Europe he formed different groups to perform his compositions and arrangements in various styles: contemporary, world, jazz and classical.

Attempting to expand the chamber music and classical guitar repertoires, Gui Mallon has written extensively for a trio formed by his guitar, a bass instrument (usually violoncello or bass) and a solo instrument (flute, violin, sax, oboe, etc.)[2]. There is a number of his compositions in free-scores and MP3s available at for that formation. His Gui Mallon Ensemble, a band formed of a string quintet, 3 percussionists, sax, flute and guitar, performed two concerts at the Montreux Jazz Festival.Montreux Jazz Festival[3] These concerts were recorded live and released in the US and Canada by the American record company Adventure Music (Live at Montreux - 2004) receiving expressive reviews from the specialized American press [4]. Gui Mallon has also composed a concert for guitar & string orchestra in four movements entitled Ave Eva. Its first performance was in November 2006.

Kompositioner, a book with 19 compositions, scores and essays, written in Swedish, was released by the publishing company - Edition Diadorim [5] in 2005. The book is also available for free downloading at Gui Mallon's site and others [6]. Among his musical works on CD are albums with original compositions and arrangements such as "Guitar" (1996), "Brazil, Brasil" (1997), "Paradise Street" (2001) and "Live at Montreux" (2004).

Gui Mallon has also written music scores for the movies: "En liten film för mina systrar" by Åsa Sjöström, "Grodan" by Cecilia Torquato, among others. As a writer he was awarded the Brazilian poetry prize: Prêmio de Poesia Augusto dos Anjos in 2005. He has also published two children's books in Swedish: "Tingen som styrde vinden" 2005 and "Det stora äventyret" (2008). His artistic works include videos and paintings. Gui Mallon participated in the exhibition "Sweden Recreated" at Konsthallen, sv:Göteborgs Konsthall Gothenburg, 2002 (Museum of Art of Gothenburg).[7] In 2008, he got the Prêmio Interações Estéticas of FUNARTE - Brazilian Art Foundation [8].