Guibourtia arnoldiana

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Guibourtia arnoldiana
Scientific classification
G. arnoldiana
Binomial name
Guibourtia arnoldiana

Guibourtia arnoldiana (Mutenyé, Benge, or Mbenge) is a species of Guibourtia in the family Fabaceae, native to tropical western Africa from the Gabon, Republic of the Congo, western Democratic Republic of the Congo, and northernmost Angola (Cabinda). Other common names include (Zaire).[1][2]

It is a tree growing to 20–30 m tall, with a trunk 40–80 cm diameter.[3]

The wood is valuable, durable and moderately resistant to wood-boring insects including termites. It is used for joinery, furniture, flooring, and decorative panelling.[3]


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