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GuidePal Group AB
Limited liability company
IndustryTravel Services
HeadquartersStockholm, Sweden
Number of locations
ProductsCity guide apps

GuidePal is a mobile and web-based application that provides city guides via iPhone, iPad, and Android. Described as a "mobile travel and city discovery companion", their city guide app currently covers 57 destinations and can be accessed for free.[1]

GuidePal was founded in 2009. The company's head office is based in Stockholm, Sweden,


GuidePal’s city guides are created by collaboration between locals and travel journalists. In the guides, GuidePal aims to offer an unbiased selection of each city’s highlights, with all tips, and advice, curated by experts actually living in the city.[2]

Users can build their own personalised guides, create itineraries, invite friends and share tips with them, and book restaurants, hotels, tours, event tickets, and so on. The guides and maps can be made available offline.

The guides are written in English.

The content is broadly divided into seven sections: More About the City, Essentials, See & Do, Eat, Shop, Party, Stay. Subcategories include: Transportation, Airports and Useful Tips.

In March 2012, GuidePal released its first multi-destination app for iPhone. Three months later, the iPad version was released and achieved a "New and Noteworthy" status in the App Store. Since then, the company has also released a completely revamped multi-city app for Android.[3]

Mobile travel[edit]

The mobile travel market has seen a lot of new entrants in recent years with a clear "mobile first" product approach. This means that the core product and service offering are Mobile apps for smartphone and tablet computer. In contrast to (incumbent) companies that start on the web and add auxiliary mobile web or app products to expand their reach.

While mobile travel is a crowded space with new companies entering the market every month, only a few young companies have managed to reach a meaningful size of a million users. Among those companies are: GuidePal, Ulmon, Triposo, Pocket Guide.

Cities covered[edit]

  1. Abu Dhabi
  2. Amsterdam
  3. Athens
  4. Atlanta
  5. Austin
  6. Barcelona
  7. Bangkok
  8. Beijing
  9. Berlin
  10. Brussels
  11. Boston
  12. Buenos Aires
  13. Copenhagen
  14. Chicago
  15. Dubai
  16. Dublin
  17. Edinburgh
  18. Florence
  19. Geneva
  20. Glasgow
  21. Havana
  22. Ho Chi Minh City
  23. Hong Kong
  24. Honolulu
  25. Istanbul
  26. Kraków
  27. Kuala Lumpur
  28. Las Vegas
  29. Lisbon
  30. London
  31. Los Angeles
  32. Madrid
  33. Miami
  34. Milan
  35. Montréal
  36. Moscow
  37. Mumbai
  38. New Delhi
  39. New Orleans
  40. New York
  41. Nice
  42. Oslo
  43. Paris
  44. Perth
  45. Prague
  46. Reykjavik
  47. Rome
  48. San Francisco
  49. Seattle
  50. Shanghai
  51. Singapore
  52. Stockholm
  53. Sydney
  54. Taipei
  55. Venice
  56. Vienna
  57. Vancouver


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